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Choose your preferred investor and join their private club

The only clubs that allow you to invest in off-market deals from $1,000.

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Your money.
Your choices.

You invest when you want to. You don’t have to get into every deal, but we do recommend diversifying your portfolio as much as possible.

You make transfers as the year progresses, in line with your upcoming investments.

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Join a club and become a member

Choose the preferred investor you’d like to follow and learn from. Get a membership, join their club and start investing with them in exclusive startup deals!

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Explore investment opportunities

With all the information you need to make a decision: pitch deck, key figures, club analysis and a live Pitch with the startup founders.

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Set your investment amount

Choose in which startup you want to invest. Between $1,000 and $50,000.

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Confirm your investment

You sign online and proceed with the payments corresponding to your allowance. It’s quick and easy.

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We take care of the formalities

Our legal teams will take care of everything for you. You’re in safe hands!

From 2025, resell your shares when you want to

The downside of startup investing had always been the lack of liquidity. On average, you had to wait between 4 and 5 years to get your money back. That was before we existed.

As a member of our clubs, you can sell your shares at any time, to other individuals, thanks to our secondary marketplace.

Revendez vos actions quand vous le souhaitez

Our secondary marketplace will be released in 2025

Prix proposés par les vendeurs

Sellers offer
their price

Signature numérique d’un certificat de cession

Digital signature formalizing the transaction

Access an exclusive selection of startups

We receive over 400 investment opportunities per month within each club, coming from our renowned investors’ private network. Less than 0.1% make it through our rigorous selection process. Note that clubs are independent and do not share the same deals.

Every month, members have the opportunity to invest in 2 or 3 exclusive deals. For each deal, they decide whether they’d like to invest or not, with the same preferred conditions at their club Leader.

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Contribute to the success of every venture

Members are the first ambassadors of the startups funded by our clubs. Each member can act in their own way to give visibility to the various projects: social networks, spheres of influence, media, etc.

With a committed community

Take advantage of our powerful club network and its soon-to-be 10,000 members throughout Europe (and soon the world). Participate in daily discussions on our forum, events and webinars.

Join the movement

Join a private club